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Chef Restaurants in Tbilisi


Written by Alexander Svornin​

Top chef's restaurants has been gaining momentum in recent years and today you can find excellent restaurants that offer diverse cuisines from around the world with meticulous execution and in third of the price comparing any western country. In the following restaurants, you will feel the uniqueness in flavors that combine local food with a twist, Asian, Italian and other dishes from different parts of the world. The service, the design, the atmosphere and the taste will create an unforgettable experience. Here is our top picks when it comes to the most luxurious restaurants in Tbilisi.


One of the trendiest places in Tbilisi that offers breakfast, brunch and dinner. The place is booked days in advance so it is advisable to reserve a table a week before or as soon as you book a flight. The food is based on a 19th century recipe book written by Barbare Jorjadze who was a Georgian princess. The atmosphere is very different from most standard restaurants and the kitchen is will offer you authentic Georgian experience made in the best possible way with local ingredients only.




Image By Barbarestan Facebook

Rooms Hotel​

Inside one of the most prestigious hotels in Tbilisi, hides one of the best restaurants in the city. This is a chain of hotels in Georgia and they also have a chain of restaurants. The restaurant offers cozy atmosphere together with interesting view. It may look like a museum of architectural design and the food here is amazing. The price is relatively expensive for Georgia, around a third of the prices you would pay in chef restaurants in any western country. The place sometimes hosts exhibitions and even Tbilisi Fashion Week is held in the hotel building. The kitchen is a European with an impressive selection of wines. Reservations must be made in advance.



Rooms Hotel.jpg

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Xeme Facebook.jpg

Xeme restaurant and bar

On the 31st floor of the Baltimore Hotel, which is considered the number one hotel in Tbilisi, is one of the highest and prestigious restaurants in the city. XEME is located in one of the tallest and impressive buildings of the city and offers a panoramic view of almost 360 degrees over the city. The buzz around the restaurant was big even before the opening because it is the highest restaurant in Georgia. Downstairs, just below the restaurant, on the 30th floor, is the restaurant bar which offers fine alcohol and great cocktails. You can reach the restaurant by a transparent elevator or by a set of round stairs that start in the center of the bar. The place works between 18:00-22:30 and it is highly recommended to book a place in advance.



Image By Xema Facebook

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