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Written by Tamara Goncharov


Borjomi is a well-known small town in central Georgia with some popular medical resorts. Borjomi is well known for its medicinal benefits due to the mineral water it seats on. It is one of the most popular resort towns for the rich and famous in Georgia as it is surrounded by mountains covered in spectacular forest and offers peach of mind. The name of the city comes from the word "burj" (fortress) and umi (war). According to an ancient legend, Borjomi was created to serve as a natural fortress with walls in the form of the Caucasus Mountains that surround it. You may still find guard towers that were built to protect the city against enemies. Why did everyone visit Borjomi? The mild climate, mountains, forest, fresh air, and mineral water! Borjomi offers more than 200 sunny days a year.

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How to get to Borjomi?

Getting to Borjomi from the capital of Georgia is not difficult but is about 160 km long. You can get from Tbilisi to Borjomi by minibus, train or taxi. Getting there by minibus is possible from Didube bus station. The train leaves from Station square and a taxi can be picked up anywhere. Borjomi has 2 train stations, the main one is located near the main bridge, from where you can take a train to Tbilisi (4 hours on the way, trains leave twice a day).


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Weather in Borjomi

The summer in Borjomi is quite hot - the average temperature in July is 20+ degrees Celsius, and the average temperature in January is 3 degrees Celsius. You can get treatment here and relax at any time of the year, but the best season is spring and early summer, when flowering trees adorn the city and the air is saturated with their fragrance.

A trip from Borjomi to Korean


An experience trip and a ride on the Soviet train

Leaving Borjomi a narrow track that leads to the ski town in Korean, a small train will take you on a journey through the picturesque area as half of the way passes through the forest. The journey takes about two and a half hours in one direction. The train from Borjomi to Koreani departs twice a day. The Borjomi-Korean Railway was originally built for one purpose - to carry tourists from Borjomi to the mineral springs of the Korean village located in the mountains. Gustav Eiffel himself, the great engineer who built the Eiffel took part in the implementation of the project. He designed the bridge along which the train passes and that is why it is called the famous bridge - the Eiffel Bridge

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The best places and hotels to stay in Borjomi


Crowne Plaza Borjomi Hotel


Relative to a relatively small town, the choice of accommodation in Borjomi is quite impressive. Ranging from Airbnb style apartments, to luxurious hotels with all the amenities you would dream of. If you are looking for a place with a well-known name and international standard, Crowne Plaza Borjomi is the hotel for you.

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Crown Plaza Borjomi offers a 5 star experience with concierge services, room service, wellness center and large spa with swimming pool, whirlpools, baths with Borjomi mineral water, saunas and various relaxation areas, 2 restaurants and a bar and of course, breakfast will make your stay For a pleasant and unforgettable. For those arriving by car to Crowne Plaza Borjomi, there is free parking. The hotel is located directly in Borjomi's Central Park, where the famous water source and sulfur pools are located. Hotel guests have free access to the park and the sulfur pool. Great opportunity to get 5 star service for 3 stars.


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Golden Tulip Borjomi Hotel


The building was erected in 1892 as a summer home for the Iranian ambassador / consul in Georgia named Mirza Reza Khan’s Palace, whose permanent residence was Tbilisi. The building was formerly used as a museum and sanatorium when today it has been converted into a stunningly beautiful hotel. In 2012 it was restored by Georgian and Iranian experts in order to preserve it as it is considered a cultural and historical exhibit of the Iranian people. The building is ideally located near the entrance to Borjomi Park. It is a historic building with amazing love story, excellent interior design, wonderful staff and complex Spa at the end of the day.The hotel looks like an old secret box.You feel like in a museum or palace with wonderful renovation, where the history of the building has been preserved.Everything is decorated in an authentic style with local, Persian and European elements.If you are looking for an extraordinary experience Go to the Golden Tulip Hotel in Borjomi (4 stars).


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Borjomi Licani Health and Spa Center

This is the Rixos Borjomi Hotel which is located 350 meters from the Beam River. The hotel is located in a huge forest and there is a natural spring with Borjomi water in the hotel grounds. A walk along the beam and along the shady alleys of the hotel's natural park is recommended, including the Romanov mansion in the park area and the retro-style mineral water pump room that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of life to a different pace of life. Diverse and abundant vegetation, a small pool, the proximity of the Beam River, natural natural corners, beautiful scenery all around - all these contribute to the health and relaxation of the vacationers.


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By the way, in the park, along with some ancient buildings, the Romanov family palace is well preserved, which is of historical value today.

The hotel has a spa and wellness center with indoor pool, Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, hammam, Jacuzzi, Russian steam room, additional steam room with steam of herbs and a range of medical procedures. If you are looking for relaxation and self-care, this is the place for you.


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Where to eat in Borjomi?


Due to its unique geographical location, Georgia's national cuisine has many influences. The western part mixes European and Turkish culinary traditions, and the eastern part for specific Asian flavors. But Borjomi is located in an area where these two directions flow smoothly into each other.

Despite the huge variety of local cuisine, at Borjomi restaurants you can order Oriental and European dishes.

The traditional dishes of Borjomi are not only known as Khinkali, Khachapuri and Shakshuka. These are all kinds of fermented milk dishes, various soups, amazing sauces and amazing sweets. Not to mention the traditional abundance of herbs, spices and vegetables. And of course, even one meal is incomplete without famous Georgian wines, valued here no less than medicinal mineral water.


Iggy is probably the most up-to-date restaurant in Borjomi, it offers upgraded local cuisine combined with dishes more familiar to the Western world. The design and atmosphere are great and you should visit here for breakfast or something sweet and for lunch. The dishes look very meticulous and the staff are really nice and speak English. If you are not in a hotel with a restaurant and decide to eat in the city, this is the most recommended place.



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More food recommendations

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