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Plan to invest in Georgia?

Property Purchase Costs


Written by Emil Goncharov

After you completed a market research and decided to invest in real-estate in Georgia, you would need to create a business plan based on your budget to understand the potential profitability in your investment. In order to be more accurate, you would need to add as many factors to your business plan to avoid any future surprises. 

The costs of every type of real-estate investment in Georgia may be different and the prices will depend on the connections you have (and even the language you speak). It is better to use a local person who is familiar with the costs and who will speak with all local people for you as it may save you money. 

Property Purchase Costs

  • Local Lawyer - Guidance in the purchase process and contracts - $300-$1500

  • Notary - Around $400 (the law dictates the price)

  • Real estate agent - 0 (only the seller pays the agent commission)

  • Funds transfer - Depends on your bank agreement


  • Black frame to ready to use condition - Up to $250 per m2

  • White frame to ready to use condition - Up to $150 per m2

  • Old apartment renovation - Vary (you can use us for a quotation)

Monthly Payments

  • Property Management - 10%-25% (of your monthly property income)

  • Electricity - Around $35 for a 2 bedroom apartment (depends on the use)

  • Water - Around $15 for a 2 bedroom apartment (depends on the use)

  • Gas - around $50 in the winter and $10 in the summer.

  • Municipality cleaning payment - Around $5

  • Rental Income tax - 5%-20% (yearly)

  • Land / Property Tax - Up to 1% (yearly)

Property Selling Costs

  • Real estate agent - 3%-5% (only the seller pays the agent commission)​

  • Capital gains tax - 5% / 20% (Depends on the property purpose and type)

On the other hand, in any business plan, we also want to address the potential revenue. In order to fully understand how much you can rent a particular property, whether it is short term or long term, you need to complete a market research. For example, in the case of a Flip deal, you have to know the selling price of the property after finishing the renovation based on the area of ​​the property, its size, type of building, floor and more.

To understand what the expected income from a particular real estate investment is, you can contact us for guidance on conducting a self-study or to schedule a consultation meeting and get rental prices per square foot per neighborhood and average sale prices per neighborhood.

How can we help you?​

Whether you use us to invest in real estate in Georgia or you are using a local marketer who recommends you a particular project, you should go through the numbers of the entire investment and understand why this real estate investment is Georgia is really worth it. You should pay your attention that you invest in the most attractive areas. We offer our services to examine the potential of each real estate investment in Georgia (both for Tbilisi and Batumi), to provide professional advice on the true potential of taking all the considerations into account. Contact us whether you are just starting out and considering investing in real estate in Georgia or even if you are in the process and want to get further assistance or specific guidance in the purchase process. We provide service ranging from consulting on real estate investments in Georgia, choosing the right type the property in the best areas, accompanying the purchase and registration process, interior design, renovation and improvements, property furniture, finding tenants/buyers, and managing the property on a regular basis.

Thanks for your interest

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