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The ultimate Guide to

Real-Estate Investments in Georgia


Looking back, real estate prices have risen steadily over the past few decades. In most developed countries, property prices in big central cities are very high, so the middle class, which managed to save between $30K-$200k, is looking for the best investment in other channels/markets where the numbers looks more promising.


When we think of investing in a foreign country, whether through a company or as an individual, we need to understand all the implications and risks of investing in a new and unknown country together with all its regulations and requirements that we need to follow (laws, taxation, bureaucracy).


Even after the purchasing stage, it is important to select a suitable partner to manage the property to reach its full potential and achieve maximum return.


With all investment options offered us in Georgia by different companies and individuals who market Georgian properties, we wanted to put some order in all the noise and make sure you are ready for the right real estate investment in Georgia.

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