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Bakuriani, one of the most famous ski resorts in Georgia, which thanks to its beauty and the endless possibilities in the area attracts tourists and locals all year around but the best season the visit is definitely during the winter. Bakuriani is a small town in Georgia, located west of Tbilisi at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, not far from the famous city of Borjomi. This is a loved location by members of the royal family to spend time and relax since 1,917. Today, Bakuriani offers its visitors different experiences including skiing and snowboarding, ice skating, sledding, snowmobiling, horseback riding, and great attractions for kids. This is the second largest ski resort in Georgia in terms of ski lifts and trails length, second only to Gudauri.
Bakuriani is considered a ski resort, but many come to stay for a couple of days in the summer. Here it is good to breathe in the clean mountain air and do active tourism.
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How to get to Bakuriani?

If you get to Tbilisi, from there it is 180 km to Korean, it is more convenient to cover this distance by an orderly transfer, but even if you pass alone, there will be no transport problems: buses and minibuses, taxis. And a train is at your service.

Taxis and buses on the way leave from Didova Metro Station in the Georgian capital. In addition, you can take a train from Tbilisi to Borjomi, from where you can travel by train of the same narrow imperial narrow train, depart twice a day, or use the local taxi services. The distance from Borjomi to Korean is 26 km.

When is the best time to go?

Holidays with children in the mountains of Georgia can be very successful if you choose the right time for a trip. Since the main activities in Korean are skiing and hiking in the mountains, the weather should be comfortable for that. The ski season in Korean begins in December. Generally, stable winter weather with frost and snow is determined at this point. If you get to the season opener in Korean, you can rest and not ride for your enjoyment. The instructors in December are not busy with work, so they lower the training prices. During the New Year holidays and February, there are many tourists at the resort. The excitement will only subside in the second half of March, and you can ride until mid-April. The optimal time for summer vacation comes in July and lasts until the end of September. In the second half of summer and early autumn you can come with children to Koreani - it will not be hot at the resort, but warm enough for long walks.

Ski resorts in the subtropical area are not so rare. In winter you can ski in Georgia and sunbathe in the hot sun in summer. In the high areas of the country stable snow cover is created in the cold season, and light frost only arouses skiers. The climate of the Korean is exactly what it takes for successful skiing. Cold weather begins here in November: the temperature drops to almost zero and slight frost occurs at night. In December, a real winter comes with frost and snow. During the day the air temperature is -3-4 degrees Celsius, and at night it drops to 7-8 degrees Celsius. In mid-December the layer of snow becomes sufficient to open the ski season.

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What to do in Korean?

The main pastime for which tourists and locals come every year to Korean is skiing. The Korean ski resort is the second largest in the country after Gudauri and offers various activities for the whole family.

The site is divided into a kind of 2 ski resorts close to each other, Kokhta and Didveli. The Korean ski resort covers about 30 km of trails suitable for beginners, advanced and experts. The site is 1641-2702 meters above sea level and in some cases you can ski directly to the beginning of the route from the hotel. The site has 20 cable cars / lifts of all types (seating, Standing and surfing).

You can find places to rent ski equipment in Korean (in hotels and in the city itself) and you can get a map of the site at the hotel reception or in the hiking center (see the map of the trails). The Korean offers a host of other attractions to tourists who visit it every year in the winter and summer season and is very suitable for families. Here you will find a huge park for children with huge slides, tubing, facilities and more. The older guys have the option to do snowmobiling, extreme cycling routes, horseback riding, night skiing, paragliding and more. Those who are used to surfing prices in Europe will enjoy a very pleasant surprise here.

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Attractions around in Korean

Ancient Cave City - Vardezia

At the end of the 11th century Georgia's medieval kingdom tried to repel the invaders from Mongolia, the largest military force seen in Europe up to that time. Queen Tamar, who ruled the country at the time, ordered in 1185 the construction of a sacred and fortified underground site on the side of Mount Erusheli not far from the Mtkvari River.

When the construction was completed, the underground fortress became a kind of small town when it was expanded to 13 floors with more than 6,000 apartments, outdoor terraces for crops, a large church, a water system and more. It is said that the only entrance to the fort was possible through a secret passage that led to it from the Mtkvari River. The underground fortress lasted about 100 years until 1283 and was not conquered by the Mongols but destroyed by an earthquake that struck the area.

About two-thirds of the fort was destroyed in the earthquake but the monastery lasted until 1551 which was destroyed by Persian invaders. The place is today guarded by a group of monks while about 300 apartments, passages, pipes and stairs are still well preserved.

You should wear comfortable shoes and arrive only when you feel physically comfortable climbing because the road is not easy. There is an entrance fee and you can get guidance through a headphone system (recommended).

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Rabati Castle

Rabati Fortress was built in the 9th century on top of a hill in a town today called Akhaltsikhe. The fortress is about 80 km from Korean and 50 km from Borjomi. The name of the fort in its early days was Lomisa which is translated from Georgian as a lion. In the 12th century its name was changed to the name of the town where it is today - Akhaltsikhe, which translates as the new fortress. The name as we know it today comes from the Arabic word Rabat which means a fortified place.

The fort underwent an amazing restoration in 2011-2012 by the Government of Georgia at a cost of 23 million lari. The fort contains impressive architecture from a variety of periods throughout history with Mongolian, Ottoman, Georgian and other influences. Impressive among other things.

The fortress is divided into 2 areas - one historic and one contemporary.

In the historical section you will find all the restored buildings when you can use the services of a guide to understand what you are seeing. In the contemporary part you will find cafes, hotels, souvenir shops and more.


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Where to stay in Bakuriani?

Hotel or apartment?

Almost every house in Korean is rented. Room, apartment, separate building - everything is offered to tourists for accommodation and hospitality and especially in the winter months when the city is flourishing. The apartments are very different in terms of interior design, location relative to the ski resort, etc.

There are more than 300 accommodation options in Koreani, at the resort, especially in season, there are many options to spend the night, from budget accommodation to hotels with all the indulgences.

Rooms Hotel Kokhta

One of the three most beautiful hotels in Korean. Rooms Hotel is a chain with several hotels in Georgia. The group emphasizes design and experience so you can be sure that you will feel like a design museum when you walk inside and out. The hotel is located on one of the ski lifts so that access to the start of skiing is particularly convenient. Ski equipment can also be rented directly from the hotel. Although the hotel does not have a pool, but in terms of atmosphere and modern design, it has no competitors.

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Apartment Bakuriani Panorama By Mgzavrebi

These apartments are some of the best in Korean with a great pool, terrace and garden. Keep in mind that this is a fairly simple and small apartment in a complex that offers additional services for free.

The complex includes a huge pool, sauna, Turkish bath, fitness center, wellness center, spa treatments and a relaxation area, which can be entered free of charge for apartment guests.

There is a very pleasant garden outside, a picnic area and a swing where you can spend the whole day.

This complex has a restaurant with excellent service and delicious food.


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Bakuriani Inn

New 5 star hotel in Korean with a great and great location for families.

The hotel is 2-4 km from the ski lifts and offers a high standard of facilities including a heated pool, treatment and spa center, excellent restaurant, gym, bar, lounge, play tables for children and adults and more.

The rooms are quite standard in the level of design but in a new and completely clean condition with a balcony for each room.


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Located in Korean, in a great location on the ski resort which allows especially convenient access for those who ski most of the day. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, shared lounge and garden. The rooms are modern and spacious with a balcony and all the luxuries. The hotel serves a buffet breakfast and a delicious dinner in the hotel restaurant can be ordered as well (the restaurant is amazing and worth a visit).


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Food and restaurants in Korean

You can eat Korean in hotels (usually they offer their guests "breakfast only" or "half board", in restaurants (no choice) or cook on their own (there are some grocery stores and a small market that sells local vegetables and fruits in the village). If you are planning an independent vacation In Korean with small children, you will need to bring the necessary mixes with you.

Recommended places and restaurants in Korean

Restaurants in a Korean town

Mimino - Authentic Georgian food - location

Area 26 lounge bar - Restaurant with great food in a contemporary and cool complex - Great for dinner - Location

Spice Garden Indian - Indian food - location

Restaurants in hotels

Rooms Hotel Kokhta - The most recommended restaurant in the most recommended hotel - location

Komorebi Resort - Great restaurant for dinner - location




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