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Mestia, though a small town in the province of Svaneti, serves as a hiking center for all wildlife lovers who plan to visit the area in the beautiful trekking season. The town is pretty far away from any other tourist destination in Georgia and to get there, you will have to spend several hours on the road. As of 2010, the small town can be reached by air using the new Queen Tamar Airport.


The area around the town has been crowned by many magazines as a "paradise for hikers" for those who are looking for wildlife that only a few tourists had visited before. You can use the town as a base for light day hiking trips or as a base for longer trekking trips that may take several days in difficult terrain conditions (you can always return to Mestia and start a different trek). In most treks, You will find a place to stay without having to carry around a tent (usually in guest houses). When it comes to nature in Georgia, there is no better place to visit than Mestia (Svaneti region) where you can enjoy beautiful glaciers, snow-capped mountains, picturesque medieval towns, lakes, and insane forests.

The town is well prepared for travelers and you can get guidance and recommendation for any type of attraction you seek, such as horseback riding, jeep tours, paragliding, and more. The most famous trek in the area will lead you to a town called Ushguli which is the highest town in Europe. The trek takes about 4 days to complete (more details in the articles below).

Please note that the weather in the area is usually colder than the rest of Georgia and there is no access to all treks all year round so make sure you prepare accordingly. All the small details that are worth knowing before traveling to Mestia can be found in the following articles.

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