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Gudauri ski guide




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Written by Alon Bahar​

If you're limited on budget but still searching for the best ski experience, Gudauri is the right place for you! Gudauri is a small ski town with the largest ski resort in Georgia. The town is located about 120 km north of the capital - Tbilisi, on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, near Stepantsminda district and along the Georgian military road that crosses the Caucasus Mountains from Georgia to Russia. In recent years, the Georgian government invested in developing the site to international standard which attracted big names to bet on this magical town. Snow skiing. In light of the success, international hotels are being built on site and the phenomenon has only grown. Gudauri is the best place to enjoy winter when in Georgia, as locals and tourists explore the ski resort and usually experience great snow condition. Gudauri offers special activities such as paragliding, different levels of ski runs, night skiing, helisky (ski from helicopter), horseback riding, spa facilities and more.

Godauri ski resort

The resort designed for ski lovers of all levels and ages with about 60 km of skiing slopes divided into different types of trails. The town is located at an altitude of about 2200 meters above sea level so you can expect a full skiing season between December and April. During the winter season, you will enjoy about 2-3 meters of snow with a rocks free and tree-free resort as the slopes are above the tree line. these conditions minimizes the risk of Avalanche or landslides almost to zero. The lowest cable car station is at an altitude of 1990m while the highest station is at 3257m above sea level. There are 7 types of cable cars/elevators that will take you up the mountain to the beginning of the slopes which divided as follows:

  1. 3-seat ski lift, 1053m long, leads to the Pirveli Trail.

  2. Ski lift, with 4 seats, 229m long, leads to the Soliko trail.

  3. 3-seat ski lift, 1063m long, leads to the Kudebi Trail.

  4. 3-seat ski lift, 110m long, leads to Snow Park, which is intended for more professional skiers.

  5. 3-seat 150m ski lift leads to the Sadzele Trail.

  6. Closed train for 10 people with a length of 2800m, leading to the GudAura trail.

  7. Ski lift, with 6 seats, leads to the Shina trail.

* In addition, there are 4 short standing lifts for beginners and children.

Ski Map Gudauri - gudauri dot info.PNG

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The lifts run daily from 10:00 to 17:00 with night skiing on the Pirveli track on Friday-Saturday from 20:00 to 22:00. There are green, blue, red and black trails (where green is the easiest and black is the hardest) as well as off-piste trails that are unmarked trails for advanced skiers and even a ski park so everyone can find the right slope for their level and enjoy a perfect ski vacation.


The Ministry of Tourism in Godauri: +995322436999

Equipment rental

For those of you who are skiing for the first time or anyone without their skiing equipment, Godauri offers a number of places to rent the required equipment for a day/week of ski vacation. It is highly recommended To prepare yourself with full ski clothing and suitable equipment for snow because thouth most days are beautiful, there are also very cold days with winds. We would also advise you to use a helmet when renting ski equipment.

Equipment can be rented at Marco Polo and Carpe Diem hotels as well as in front of "smart supermarket" at a place called Gudauri Partners. All the places are in town and you won't miss all the rental shops all around so feel free to visit a couple before you choose.

Image by Kipras Štreimikis

Accommodation in Godauri


Godauri offers its visitors different types of accommodation, from apartments, houses, hostels, hotels, and more. Anyone can find the right place to stay at any price level and in any season during the year. 95% of the places are within a very short walking distance to one of the lifts from which you can go up the mountain and start skiing. There are even hotels/apartments from which you start skiing towards the lifts as you went out the door. We have put together the most amazing accommodation in Gudauri we particularly love (although there are other good options as well):

Quadrum Hotel

A new and unique hotel built in 2017 by 2 well-known local architects who wanted to create something more natural that blends in with nature. The hotel made out of containers that are built on top of each other and create a one-of-a-kind structure. It is less than 1km away from the lifts and all its rooms offer a splendid view of the snowy mountains. There is a great terrace for beautiful sunny days where you can relax and have a hot drink as well as a wonderful bar.


Hotel Quadrum - Gudauri - booking.jpg

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Hotel Quadrum - Gudauri - booking 2.jpg

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Gudauri Hotel Loft

One of the leading hotels in Godauri established in mid-2017. The nearest elevator is less than 500 meters away and you can ski back to the hotel entrance. This is a larger hotel than Quadrum hotel and offers great facilities like a rooftop pool with stunning views, an amazing bar with all the drinks you can dream of, a lovely breakfast, ski equipment rental, and more. This one is for those of you that looking for that extra special experience.


Gudauri Hotel Loft - Booking 2.jpg

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Gudauri Hotel Loft 4.jpg

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Gudauri Hotel Loft - Booking.jpg

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Gudauri Hotel Loft - Booking 3.jpg

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Food and restaurants in Godauri


After a day of skiing, you would need to get some fuel in order for your body to continue. though the town is small, it still offers great places to eat if you only know where to go. Whether it's a meal at a hotel restaurant with up-to-date European food or a local restaurant with traditional flavors, in most places you can enjoy the stunning view that surrounds the town. Here are some of the best restaurants in Gudauri:


If you are all about skiing as much as you can, you will need a nice place to have lunch. Most people prefer to stop at one of the bars/restaurants on the slope to have a quick meal and a drink and relax for 30 minutes. You can reach CUB while skiing (located at the end of the second slope) and enjoy an electrifying atmosphere that combines perfect view, sitting areas outside or inside and food that will fill your belly until the evening. This is a great place to hang out with nice music, meet some people and relax. Open from 10:00 to 17:00.


CUB - Gudauri.jpg

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Best chill-out places at Gudauri ski resort

2 other great places that are worth a visit while skiing and located in the heart of the site are Megobari Cafe which is at the top part of the resort outside the gondola and Cafe Vitamin Gudauri which is on the upper part of the Soliko trail outside the cable car. It is important to note that all the places that are on the trails are more expensive than the places that are in town due to the fact that it is more expensive to bring groceries and labor there.

Megobari - Tripadvisor - Gudauri.PNG

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Vitamin Cafe - Gudauri - Trip Advisor.PN

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Recommended restaurants in Godauri


Marco Polo Restaurant

Hotel-restaurant that especially recommended for breakfast (if you do not have one at the hotel) or dinner with your spouse or the rest of the family when you come to Godauri. Great views here, meticulous design, local and European cuisine, and wonderful staff. The restaurant hosts nice bands with live music on many nights. In addition, the hotel offers ski equipment rental, a snooker area, a spa center, bars, and more.


marco polo gudauri - marcopolo ge.PNG

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Posticino Italian Restaurant

Nice and basic Italian restaurant with a real Italian chef that offer basic traditional food. The menu is not the biggest (we prefer it this way!) But each dish is made carefully with the best ingredients. The menu is includes Pizzas, pastas, salads and more. The place is usually crowded with families at noon with people that come to grab quick lunch. The place is located at the bottom of the gondola so you can integrate it with your ski plans.


Posticino Gudauri - Facebook.jpg

Image by posticino facebook page

Another option suitable for meat lovers in Godauri is Powder Bar which ranks first in town on TripAdvisor.

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