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Site's Policy

  1. The regulations are written in masculine for convenience but are addressed to both men and women. The policy applies to the site only.

  2. The use of the site and all its contents and services provided on it, which offered to you, are subject to your acceptance of all the conditions mentioned in these regulations.

  3. Browsing the site and/or registering as a subscriber to get services, will be considered as your consent to these terms and conditions.

  4. The site and/or those on its behalf reserve the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time, and the latest version of the terms as it exists on the site will bind the site and/or those on its behalf and the user. In the event of any inconsistency between the terms and conditions and other publications, these terms and conditions will use as the funak and most accurate document.

  5. Without derogating from the above, the site reserves the right to update, change, replace or delete, any detail or publication on any of the pages of the site without prior notice and without the consent of a third party.

  6. The site will not be responsible for any type of damage, direct or indirect, caused to the user as a result of relying on information that appears on the site or in the content of the links that point to the site and from the site to other sites.

  7. The site is not responsible for the accuracy of the information appearing on the site.

  8. The site will make reasonable efforts for the operation of the site and the availability of information but is unable to guarantee complete and continuous operation without any glitches or mistakes.

  9. All copyrights and intellectual property in the site belong to the management of the site (unless taken from another site and given credit for it).

  10. The site reserves the right to collect data about the user when the user is on the site, information about pages he viewed, publications he clicked on, and any other information, including using cookies, in order to use this information to tailor the content personaly to the user.

  11. A cookie is a small text file that is transferred to the hard drive of the user's computer (for this purpose - the user's computer - including a mobile phone and/or any other end device used to browse the site) by the browser, which allows clear identification of the user and allows personal information about preferences such as how he enters the site, type of information that usually interests him on the website, user's interests, and so on.

  12. By agreeing to the terms of this policy and browsing the site, the user's allows the Website to implant a cookie on his computer, use the information issued and/or stored in the cookie and identify the user accordingly.

  13. The user can delete and/or completely prevent the creation of cookies by changing the relevant settings in his web browser, but this may cause him to provide some details in certain places on the site.

  14. The use of the site does not give users the right to use the intellectual property and copyrights that belong to the site by the user and/or anyone on his behalf and/or of any third party. You may not copy, distribute, sell, market, change design or visibility or translate any information from the site to any language (including images, texts, design, etc.) without obtaining an upfront consent and permission of the site management in a writing form and also do not act in any way that violates the provisions of intellectual property law and copyright.

  15. The management of the site is not responsible for the ads, advertising and marketing content or banners and video advertisements that appear on the site. The responsibility is on the advertisers only.

  16. The law applicable to the actions on the site and the regulations is Israeli law only and the jurisdiction over it is given to the competent court in Tel Aviv.

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