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Tbilisi Neighborhood Guide

Where to Invest in Tbilisi


Written by Emil Goncharov

Once you have decided that Georgia capital Tbilisi has the most potential after completing full market research about the country including seasonality, real estate supply and demand, price charts, etc. you are ready to proceed to the final step of choosing the right neighborhood to focus on before you meet a real estate agent to find the right real estate investment for you.

Before you drill down to locate the right property for you to invest in, it is crucial to understand each neighborhood's characteristics as it will help you in terms of time and focus. Tbilisi is spread over a large area with many neighborhoods to choose from. In general, as you get closer to Tbilisi city center, prices go up, houses get older (but looks better with impressive architecture), demand increases, supply gets smaller and the area is more touristy and fits the short-term rental market. As we move away from Tbilisi city center, prices usually more affordable, supply increases and fits the long-term rental market for locals/foreigners (depends on the neighborhood).

In order to focus your efforts and make sure you won't waste your time, we have prepared a list of the best neighborhoods for short- and long-term real estate investments in Tbilisi. We will start with the best neighborhood in and around Tbilisi city center (short term) and then move a bit further (long-term).

Tbilisi city center Neighborhoods Short-term rental investment


One of the most central neighborhoods of Tbilisi Old City. This is where Georgia's elite used to live including politicians and intellectuals as there are beautiful governmental and cultural institutes all around it such as the Georgian parliament, Tbilisi opera and ballet theatre, branded hotels, parks, and more. The neighborhood is named after Mtatsminda mountain which offers different attractions to tourists. The neighborhood is characterized by impressive architecture and a magical Georgian residential neighborhood. The upper part of the neighborhood located on the side of the hill and is less attractive than its lower part.

Mtatsminda neighborhood features

  • Shopping and restaurants area in the center of the neighborhood (including a new mall)

  • Suitable as a short-term rental investment for tourists (mainly from European countries)

  • Some of Tbilisi most impressive architecture located in the neighborhood

  • Some areas in the neighborhoods underwent an impressive restoration 

  • Variety of attractions and parks in and around the neighborhood

  • Convenient transportation and metro stations nearby (Rustaveli Metro station and Liberty Square Station)

  • Price range per meter - 1500$ - 2500$

  • Limited supply - high demand

  • The biggest hotels are located in the neighborhood

  • Best area in the neighborhood - Rustaveli east to the river (and 1-2 streets west of Rustaveli)

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The neighborhood is located next to the Mtatsminda neighborhood and is therefore very similar in character. The neighborhood extends from Liberty Square (next to Mariott hotel) to the west. European-style buildings, cafes, bars, and old courtyards between the buildings called Italian courtyards (we advise you not to buy a property in an Italian courtyard even if the prices are more affordable as there is little demand for it). The neighborhood got its name after the Arabs built a canal in the area to lead water to the gardens. The word canal in Arabic is Sululakh and that's why the neighborhood called Sololaki. Tourists love this area and this is a good base if you travel to Tbilisi.

Sololaki main features


  • Lots of cafes and restaurants in the area

  • Suitable as a short-term rental investment for tourists from Europe

  • European architecture

  • Attractions in and around the neighborhood

  • Convenient transportation and metro station nearby (Rustaveli Metro station and Liberty Square Station)

  • The air is a bit polluted from all the vehicles, so locals prefer to live outside the neighborhood

  • Price range per meter: 1500$ - 3000$

  • Limited supply - high demand

  • Best area in the neighborhood - East Sololaki (around Liberty Square)


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Legend has it that the story of Tbilisi began after the king went hunting in the forests and discovered the hot springs in the heart of the Abanotubani neighborhood. He was so amazed by this phenomenon that he decided to cut the forest down and build a new city around it. This is the most ancient neighborhood in Tbilisi and some of the most historic sites are located next to it. The architecture in the area is particularly influenced by the Ottoman period with beautiful mosaic pieces and elegant balconies all over the place. The houses are colorful and there are many attractions in the area such as Narikala Fortress, hot natural baths, botanical gardens, and more. The area is full of tourists and 80% of the properties are used as accommodation for tourists. That is a great area to visit and walk around to feel the atmosphere but as the neighborhood is located on a hill, not all tourists love to stay there. Also, transportation around the area is more problematic and the prices are more expensive.

Abanotubani main features

  • Cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood (usually more expansive than other areas)

  • Suitable only as a short-term rental investment for tourists

  • Central Asian architecture

  • A variety of attractions in and around the neighborhood - Every tourist in Tbilisi will visit here

  • There is no public transportation in the area (no metro)

  • Price range per meter: 2000$ - 4000$

  • Supply is very limited

  • Best area in the neighborhood - Metekhi bridge to the east (or around Kote Abhazi/leselidze street)


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The Avlabari neighborhood is characterized by private houses and simple architecture. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, located on the other side of the river opposite the Sololaki neighborhood. The government has invested a lot of resources in the neighborhood including the construction of new buildings and attractions to attract more tourists such as the beautiful Sameba Cathedral, Rike Park, and more. You can find a metro station in the center of the neighborhood and accessible public transportation all around it. This is an area with the potential for significant price increases in the coming years. Tourists from Russia especially like the neighborhood and tend to stay in it when the prices per night are slightly lower than in the neighborhoods mentioned above. 


Avlabari main features

  • Mostly private homes of 2-3 story high so you can buy a home with a plot of land

  • Suitable as a short-term rental investment for tourists from Russia or long-term rentals for locals/foreigners

  • Attractions in and around the neighborhood

  • Convenient transportation and metro station in the center of the neighborhood (good future location)

  • The air is cleaner

  • Old houses so make sure to check its condition carefully

  • Many homes are in a dilapidated condition so should be carefully inspected

  • Price range per meter: 800$ - 1600$

  • Best area in the neighborhood - Avlabari Metro station to Sameba Cathedral


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Marjanishvili - Aghmashenebeli

The name of the neighborhood is Chugureti but the names of the streets mentioned above are the most attractive in the neighborhood. The neighborhood was home to the first German settlement in the city so the area looks much like a European city. In 2017, the government restored the entire Aghmashenebeli Avenue and made a pedestrian street out of a part of it (Aghmashenebeli Avenue 14-44) so it is a real paradise for architecture lovers (probably the most beautiful street in the city). The metro station in this neighborhood called Marjanishvili so that is how most people use to call this neighborhood. All the neighborhood is located on the east side of the Kura River (in front of Mtatsminda neighborhood) and is an area full of cafes, restaurants, magical narrow streets, hotels and more. The pedestrian part in Aghmashenebeli is a wonderful place that every tourist must visit when in Tbilisi and offers shops, cafes, places to stay, and more. Mariott opened a cool hotel at the end of the street in 2017 while Raddison also plans to open a hotel in the pedestrian area of the street. This is a great area for short-term tourism investment as most of the tourism in the region comes from Russia and Middle Eastern countries. Locals also love this area so it is a good idea for long term investments as well.


Marjanishvili/Aghmashenebeli main features


  • Amazing architecture

  • Suitable as a short-term rental investment for tourists or long term (outside t Marjanishvili/Aghmashenebeli streets)

  • Great attractions around the neighborhood

  • Convenient transportation and metro station in the center of the neighborhood

  • Streets are full of businesses related to tourism, restaurants, and more

  • One of the oldest neighborhoods in Tbilisi so the houses are very old (carefully inspect the property)

  • Price range per meter: $1800-$3000 (in Marjanishvili and Aghmashenebeli) - $800-$1500 (in the eastern part)

  • Best area in the neighborhood - West Marjanishvili (to the metro station) or Davit Aghmasenebeli Avenue


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A very nice neighborhood that is just outside Tbilisi city center but still close enough for tourists to stay in (especially the eastern part). Foreigners sent to Georgia as a part of their job also love this area for long term rental (Vake is another loved neighborhood by foreigners when it comes to long term) as do wealthy Georgians. The neighborhood is home to a lot of hipsters and the evening offers nice restaurants, bars, live music, and more. This is the place that locals love to visit as it is just outside the tourist area. If you are into nightlife, Hard Rock Cafe and other nearby streets will offer great choices of bars and restaurants. The architecture is very nice around the area combining European and modern styles. You can find quite a few tourists in the neighborhood (especially in the evening) as some of the very best hotels in Tbilisi such as Stamba, The Rooms, and more) are located in it. Investing in real estate in the area opens an opportunity for long-term rentals for tourists but at the same time, long-term rentals for wealthy locals and foreigners who want to stay within walking distance from Tbilisi city center but in a calm environment.

Vera main features

  • Great architecture but sometimes in poor condition (renovation usually needed)

  • Suitable as a short-term rental investment for tourists and long-term for wealthy locals and foreigners

  • The neighborhood located outside the city center but within a walking distance from it

  • Convenient transportation and metro station next to the neighborhood

  • Streets are full of businesses related to tourism such as hotels, night-life, great restaurants, and all the day to day services that a local might need

  • Price range per meter: 1000$ - 2000$

  • Best area in the neighborhood - East Vera


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Tbilisi | Neighborhood map

Neighborhoods Outside Tbilisi Center | Long-term rental investment


Saburtalo neighborhood is the residential center of Tbilisi. It is one of the largest neighborhoods in the city that stretches between the Mtkvari River and Lisi Lake and is organized around a 6 km long boulevard. Many foreigners and locals choose to live in Saburtalo because the neighborhood has everything you need for daily life including shops, cafes, Medical centers, workspaces, schools, etc. Transportation connects all parts of the neighborhood with a dedicated metro line that runs throughout the neighborhood. Bus lines also run through the entire neighborhood. It is a vibrant neighborhood with great demand by both locals and foreigners. Most of the old buildings are built in Soviet-style (huge square block) but at the same time, there are numerous investment options in new buildings with attractive locations. Try to find a new project that is still in the construction phase or a newly built building (up to 5 years) as the new generation (and foreigners) is looking for something like that. One of the best residential neighborhoods in Tbilisi.

Saburtalo main features

  • Long-term residence for locals and foreigners working in the city

  • Traffic jams during rush hour

  • The neighborhood is outside Tbilisi city center but a short distance from it (7 minutes by car/bus)

  • Convenient transportation with a special neighborhood metro line

  • Several universities in the neighborhood

  • New construction available

  • Price range per meter: 800$ - 1700$

  • Best area in the neighborhood - The streets that starts at Pekini Avenue going west 

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Vake is considered the most prestigious residential neighborhood in Tbilisi in terms of real estate prices and monthly rentals. Like Saburtalo, Vake is outside the city center but a short drive of about 10 minutes (not during rush hour) will get you there. The neighborhood starts near Rustaveli Avenue and ends at Vake Park so it extends over about 2 km. The neighborhood is built higher than the city center and therefore the air in it is cleaner (some of the locals are searching for a cleaner air to live in). Here you will find embassies of foreign countries, entertainment centers, health care centers, restaurants, shops, offices and everything a resident needs around his apartment. In the past, when Georgia was under Russian control, the neighborhood was home to politicians and scientists. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the region became one of the most trendy residential and investment areas in Tbilisi. Many of the foreigners who come to Tbilisi for medium/long periods, tend to choose to live in this neighborhood. The main disadvantage of Vake is that there is no metro in it. 

Vake main features

  • Much more modern construction than in the rest of the city neighborhoods

  • Suitable as a long-term rental investment for wealthy locals and foreigners

  • The neighborhood is outside the city center - about 15 minutes away

  • There is no metro in the neighborhood so you need to own a car or use the bus

  • The neighborhood offers cultural events, amazing parks, nature, and any service you might need

  • Inernational schools and local universities are in vake neighborhood

  • International hospitals and medical centers

  • High potential for long-term lease/flip transactions

  • New construction available and recommanded

  • Price range per meter: 1200$ - 2000$

  • Best area in the neighborhood - All parts are potential depending on the building


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Ortachala neighborhood, which is considered one of the oldest in the city, is located on the south side Tbilisi, next to the Abanotubani neighborhood and a short drive from the city center. Most of the people in Ortachala are Armenian while most of the buildings are old and in poor condition but it is pretty close to the touristic areas. You can and should look for new and modern projects that were built recently. This is a residential neighborhood, characterized by an old population, with new young and trendy population that moves to Ortachala's new and attractive projects.



and foreign ones that inhabit mostly the private homes in the more inner part of the neighborhood. The higher part of the neighborhood offers lower and more modern construction.

Ortachala main features

  • Mainly old houses and new projects with good prices

  • Suitable mainly as a long-term rental investment for younger locals

  • The neighborhood is outside the city center but in a very short driving distance (5 min)

  • There is no metro in the neighborhood so a car or bus is needed

  • High potential for long-term rent/flip transactions

  • High potential for price increase (in 3-5 years)

  • Price range: $500-$1300


Krtsanisi neighborhood located south of Ortachala. There is a good demand for properties in Krtsanisi as it is a more modern neighborhood with beautiful private houses (with land), new projects, nice view and fresh air. This is also the home of most embassies in Tbilisi. As the transportation in the area is not as convenient as in other neighborhoods, the people who live here must own a car which is makes sense because only the wealthy Georgian's/foreigners usually live here. There is 1 main road that will lead you throughout Krtsanisi neighborhood from the east (near Kura river) and up the hill in the western part. It is located about 10-15 minutes of Tbilisi city center and there are also some accommodation for tourists in it. There are also schools, hospitals, health care center, and more.

Krtsanisi main features

  • Mainly low construction villas and new modern buildings

  • Suitable mainly as a long-term rental investment for foreigners/wealthy locals

  • The neighborhood is outside the city center but in a very short driving distance (5 min)

  • The transportation in the neighborhood is not the best (no metro) so a car is needed

  • High potential for long-term rent

  • High potential for the price to increase (in 3-5 years)

  • Price range: $1000-$1800

  • Best area in the neighborhood - All around (as you move west, the air and the view are better)

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Isani neighborhood is located in the southeastern part of the city, 10 minutes driving from Tbilisi city center (not during rush hours) and about 15 minutes away from the airport. It is a kind of a small town within the city as it offers all the services required by the residents including a mall, supermarket, hospital, banks, school, and more. You can find some hotels and apartments for tourists around this area but this is not one of the best areas for tourists to stay in so investing in real estate in the Isani neighborhood is probably a good idea if you are planning to rent your property to locals for a long term. The neighborhood has 2 metro stations so transportation here is very convenient. There is serious air pollution in some areas so wealthy Georgians tend to stay out of this area when they are searching for an apartment. At the same time, there is still unused land in the neighborhood for the construction of towers, so accelerated construction can be seen in the Isani neighborhood. it offers different types of apartments, both new and old, including white and black frame condition apartments. The best area in the Isani neighborhood is probably the outer parts of it and especially the properties that are close to the river (or overlooking the river/city)

Isani main features

  • The areas close to the metro and the river are the best places 

  • Suitable as a long-term rental investment for locals (almost no foreigners/tourists)

  • A huge supply of apartments for sale - medium demand

  • Metro and public transportation in the neighborhood

  • A residential neighborhood that attracts the middle class who work in downtown Tbilisi

  • Potential price increase in the long run

  • No attractions in the area

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