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Written by Alexander Svornin​

The food scene in Georgia continues to flourish and has brought with it a number of restaurants that are less known among tourists but worth a visit each due to their uniqueness. All are located in unique spaces and offer stunning views for those who come to visit them. We have put together a list with all the special restaurants in Tbilisi.


IBIS Hotel is located in the heart of the Old Town, near Liberty Square. The hotel stands out from all surrounding buildings in the area as it was recently built and looks very modern. The interior design is colorful and interesting and it is recommended to get there for launch or for a dinner to enjoy the sunset and watch the city lights. The restaurant is located on the 5th floor inside the hotel and when you arrive, you can get excited about the design and enjoy the view you see from the terrace. The food here is different from most standard places and offers a combination of East and West with Asian kitchen and upgraded Georgian food.




Image By accorhotels.com


FELINI Restaurant is located on the second floor of the Ruddison Blu Iveria Hotel on Tbilisi revolution square #1 and offers a stunning terrace overlooking the Mtkvari River. Great place for a sunset glass of wine and a light meal. The balcony and the atmosphere makes all the difference. The place is one of our best choices for a romantic stop while visiting Tbilisi. The bar/restaurant is open daily from 10:00 to 23:30.




Image By Radisson Blu Iveria


One of the most well-known attractions in the city is Mtatsminda Park which is located at the highest point in Tbilisi. You can get here by a Funicular (a kind of train on tracks that goes up a slope to the park) or by a taxi. The park is very popular and during the Soviet era it was the third largest park in terms of the number of people who came to spend their family time in the park. The Funicular restaurant complex is divided into 4 parts. Chela (traditional Georgian food), lounge bar area, Funicular restaurant, Funicular café and events room. It is recommended to visit the place in the evening when all the lights of Tbilisi offers a unique view which looks amazing thanks to the height of it. The place is open from 12:00 to 1:00. Less recommended for a full meal but more for a drink and a snack to enjoy the atmosphere and feel the magic.



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Inside most of the buildings around and in Tbilisi old city you will find hidden Italian courtyards from which history reflects about the way local Georgians lived and keep on living. To understand what an Italian courtyard is, you can go to and visit EZO restaurant (courtyard in Georgian) and enjoy a authentic Georgian cuisine consisting of local organic ingredients. The feel and design here are different from anywhere else you ever tried. Do not look for prestige or luxury because authenticity and simplicity are the beauty of the place.



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