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Written by Michal Grin

Short-term rental apartments are already a world trend. If you like staying in an Airbnb apartment or in a house while on vacation, you're in the right place! Unlike most European capitals, the standard for Airbnb apartments or short-term rental apartments in Tbilisi ranges from hideous, with out-of-the-apartment services in super bad condition buildings, to stunning city center apartments in the most beautiful buildings in terms of architecture with stunning views and lovely interior design. The prices of short-term rental apartments in Tbilisi vary, but usually, the value for money here is something special. Finding an apartment to rent for your vacation in Tbilisi is recommended through the site as Georgians are less likely to use Airbnb, although today it is worth searching on both platforms. So, in order to make sure you won't waste your time and finally end up sleeping in a dark alley outside the city center, we have compiled the best short term vacation rental apartments in Tbilisi, whether you are a couple looking for romance or a family with children who come to explore the city.

Cibola Boutique

This is by far our number one apartment complex in Tbilisi! The complex offers its guests 3 different style apartments in the center of the pedestrian-only street full of shops, cafes, restaurants and more. The street was massively preserved two years ago and so it is one of the most beautiful streets in terms of architecture in Tbilisi with lots of colorful people during the day and also one of the oldest streets of Tbilisi. The apartments have also been upgraded to the highest standard you'll find in the city, with stunning balconies, meticulous design everywhere you will look, air conditioning (not obvious in Georgia), and exceptional comfort and hospitality. The hosts will be happy to assist you or recommend attractions or restaurants to eat in the evening. The metro is 600m away and most attractions are within walking distance or a short drive of 5-7 minutes. If we can choose one place which is the most recommended, this would have to be our choice!


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Cibola Boutique - C

The most beautiful duplex in Tbilisi. The duplex is designed in a rustic and relaxing atmosphere with elements of solid wood and antique bricks. The duplex consists of 2 floors, one of which is a stunning attic with a total size of about 75 meters with 2 huge bedrooms, each with a seating and recreation area. The duplex offers its guests lots of light, a fully equipped kitchen, pampering toilet and shower, an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G interior design, minibar, and a balcony overlooking Mount Mtatsminda that will drive you crazy at night. The sleeping arrangement divided into 2 large double beds and one sofa bed that is suitable for one adult or 2 children.


Cibola Boutique - B

Looking for something special? When was the last time you were in a room with a pink ceiling? Here's your chance! With a beautiful pink ceiling and blue walls, this is one of the most romantic apartments in Tbilisi. This studio apartment offer its guests a luxurious bed and a seating area with a a smart TV, lovely balcony just above the main pedestrian street with a sitting area and a designed toilet and shower. The apartment is suitable for a couple or a couple with up to 2 children sleeping on a sofa bed. The room is decorated in a retro style with surprising elements. It seems like every detail has been thought of in this charming apartment. Usually the apartment tends to be occupied so you should make sure you book it in advance.


Cibola Boutique - A

Stunning 45m2 apartment with a queen size bed, entertainment area, dining area, charming balcony, fully equipped kitchen and innovative design. The apartment is suitable for up to 3 adults or a couple with 2 children. The guests can enjoy a comfortable double bed and a sofa that opens to the bed. The apartment located on the 1st floor of a beautiful restored building and overlooks the colorful street where everything you need is at a short distance and within easy reach.



Veranda House on Samreklo 25​

A 2-story house, unique in its beauty, covered with climbing green vegetation and located about 50 meters from one of the most amazing places in Georgia, Sameba Cathedral. The house is suitable for a maximum of 8 people although couples also like the romantic location. The house, 140 sqm, offers its guests a full kitchen, washing machine, air conditioning, 2 bedrooms, a fun and colorful living room, toilet and shower, patio and the most special part, a huge balcony! About 30 meters from the house there is a supermarket that works 24/7 and The metro station is within walking distance. The main attractions in the city are a short distance from the apartment. The apartment is architecturally designed with a delicate combination of modernity and authenticity. Despite the size, it is one of the most affordable apartments for its price! Make sure you make a reservation in advance as it tends to be occupied.


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