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Poker, Black-jack or Roulette

Top 6 casinos in Batumi




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Written  by Alon Weiss​

There's a reason Batumi also called "Las Vegas of the Black Sea." The main reason is that the city offers its visitors an amazing casino experience with a selection of branded casino hotels, concept restaurants at prices that will put a smile on your face, live shows, nightclubs and other surprises, without even leaving the casino.

Gambling in Georgia is allowed from the age of 18 and every guest is required to present a valid passport and in some cases, tables can only be played by those over 21. Do yourself a favor and dress respectfully for the casino without flip flops or jerseys to avoid discomfort situation. In addition, in some casinos you will be asked to deposit $100 that will be used by you to gamble at the casino (not common but may happen).

Whether you are looking to play Texas Hold'em poker, American roulette, blackjack, baccarat, 3 card poker, 6 card poker, Russian Poker, slot machines, bet on sports or anything else, here are the 3 largest, newest, most modern and overall the best casinos in Batumi. There are 3 more casinos mentioned at the end of the article but the first three are definitely the most recommended.

Eclipse Casino Batumi

Eclipse Casino is one of the most impressive casinos in Batumi that tourists love the most and also the largest among them. It is open 24/7, consists of 2 floors with a spacious and well-designed space where you will also find an excellent restaurant, an impressive bar, live music on weekends, shows, and more. The casino allows smoking inside the complex.

Eclipse casino in Batumi offers 37 gambling tables including American Roulette (11 tables), Blackjack and a number of poker tables of all types (against the dealer). For those who love slot machines, the casino offers the highest jackpot in the city with the newest slot machines. The minimum bet at the card game tables is $10. The minimum bet on the roulette is $1.


For Texes Hold'em / Omaha poker players, Eclipse casino offers a poker club with 6 poker tables on the first and second floor. You can play Texas Hold'em (No Limit Texas Hold'em) and Pot Limit Omaha starting at $1/$3 (Small and Big Blind). You can probably start playing around 7pm on weekdays but the best days for playing poker at Eclipse casino are Friday to Saturday.

Eclipse Casino is the most recommended casino in Batumi so this is our FIRST PICK for anyone visiting the city and looking for a quality, modern, large casino with reasonable stakes.


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Empire Casino - Le Meridien Batumi

Empire Casino is located inside the new Le Meridien Hotel building. It is not a huge as Eclipse but still a very good size casino with wonderful decor (one of the best in Batumi). All the facilities and tables are new and the staff is welcoming. Empire Casino offers free food and drinks (including alcoholic drinks) from the restaurant and bar for its guests that came to gamble.


The casino has over 15 card game tables including blackjack, Texas Hold'em poker (Ultimate), American roulettes, 3 card poker and other types of poker games and over a 100 slot machines. The minimum Bet on the card games starts at $10 and roulette starts at $1.


You can also play no limit Texas Hold'em cash game at the Empire Casino. Usually on weekends you can find at least one game going on in Empire casino batumi.


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Image by Casino Empire Facebook page

International Casino Batumi


International casino in Batumi that opened in 2015 inside the Hilton Hotel in the city center. The casino is smaller than the Eclipse casino but offers wonderful European design and a great atmosphere. There are about 8 card game tables (against the dealer) including 3 card poker, 6 card poker, blackjack, Texas Hold'em (Ultimate), Russian poker and more. The casino also offers 4 American roulettes and about 100 slot machines.

You can also play no limit Texas Hold'em cash games mostly on weekends at $5/$5 tables (Small/Big Blind).

Casino International Batumi offers free food, drink and cigarettes to its gusts and it is allowed to smoke inside the casino. On weekends there is live music playing and you can sit down for a cocktail at the bar.

The minimum bet at some of the tables can be high ($25) so you should make sure in advance.



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More casinos in Batumi

If you are looking to diversify with another casino or did not find the experience you were looking for in the three casinos in Batumi mentioned at the beginning of the article, we made a list of 3 more casinos in Batumi which are also solid well-known casinos but less recommended. All 3 casinos below are close to one another so you can easily check them all in one night.

Casino Iveria - Rudisson Blu


Iveria Casino located inside the Radisson Blu Hotel. It is a pretty small and nice casino located in the city center and offers a more basic casino experience in an international atmosphere.

Iveria Casino in Batumi offers many slot machines and over 10 live game tables including American roulette (minimum bet of $0.5), blackjack (minimum bet of $10), different poker tables (against the dealer) Texas Hold'em (minimum bet of $10).


Princess Casino at Wyndham

A fairly old-fashioned casino with about 150 slot machines and 14 live game tables including American roulette, 3-card poker, Caribbean poker, Texas Hold'em Ultimate, Blackjack and Russian poker.


Golden Palace Casino

Golden Palace Casino in Batumi is a smaller boutique casino than the big competitors in the city with a more discreet and dark vibe. expect to find slot machines of all types and card game tables (against the dealer) including blackjack, 3 card poker, 6 card poker, Russian poker, Oasis poker, Texas Ultimate and standard Texas Hold'em. The location of the casino is great and can be reached by foot after a dinner in Batumi old city.


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If you choose to try one of the last three casinos featured in the article, we would choose Golden Palace casino in Batumi but first of all we would recommend visiting one of the first 2 options featured in the beginning of the article!

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