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Best Season for a

Trip to Georgia


Written by Giorgi Arbaladze

Good news! Georgia is a year-round destination. Every season has its perk. Spring is gentle and sunny, with a few rainy days in April. Summer is hot, especially in the capital, Tbilisi. Autumn is similar to spring, but slightly colder, while winter is snowed pretty much everywhere except Tbilisi and Batumi. In this article, we will explain what are the best parts of each season and the best activities to compliment the weather.



Mid-April to May is the best time to visit Georgia in the spring. During this period, the rainy weeks passed, and the weather is warm and sunny. At night, there is a soft breeze blowing across the country.

The best activities in the spring are exploring the capital Tbilisi, enjoy the wonderful nature around Kutaisi or trekking in Svaneti. During the spring, the country celebrates many holidays. You may want to plan your trip around Easter. Easter occurs in April or May. Georgians use the Orthodox calendar, so their Easter is two weeks after the Catholic holiday. The end of spring is a great time to visit Georgia and explore all its parts as in most places the snow melts and all the trails and attractions are open for travelers.

Image by Lasha Butikashvili



Summer months in Georgia are dry and warm. July and August can get quite hot in the capital, with temperatures of 25-40 ° C. However, the temperature is lower in the higher parts of the country. July and August are the BEST months for hiking in the highlands and mountainous regions of Georgia such as Svaneti and Imerti, as well as visiting the coastal city of Batumi to swim in the Black Sea and enjoy the sunny days. Note that summer days are quite humid around the coastal area of Batumi. Summer is extra special in Georgia as it hosts traditional concerts and festivals, such as the Black Sea Jazz Festival, Open Air Festival and Art Gene Festival along with many weekend events for party lovers. Its better to explore different parts of the country that are usually not accessible during the winter such as Kazbegi, Ushguli and others.

Image by Tiko Giorgadze



The country is getting cooler during the autumn, as it's painted with a beautiful yellow-orange colors and and getting covered with snow on the highest peaks. Autumn usually characterized as a wet season with unstable weather conditions. Therefore, be prepared for warmer and colder days all together. Black Rock Lake Trail is one of the best things to do this time of year in Georgia. Hiking the lowlands and amazing mountains for picturesque views. Visit the beaches to catch the last sunny days in September and, most importantly, attend the harvest season and harvest some wine grapes in Kakheti region.

Image by Tomáš Malík


The winter in Georgia is cold and there is plenty of snow. The temperature drops to 2-4 ° C and even drops below zero in some areas of the country. If you like to visit snow-covered cities, Tbilisi is not the city for you. Tbilisi city is rarely snowy, and when it does, the snow melts in a few days, leaving muddy streets behind. However, you can travel to other parts of the country for beautiful views of snow forests and magical mountains. Godauri ski resort is the best thing to do during the Georgian winter. The ski season in Georgia lasts until April while starting in the end of December. It is easy to combine the capital of Georgia Tbilisi with the ski town of Godauri because they are very close to each other and so you can enjoy capital city life for of history and charm together with a ski resort all at the same time in one vacation. Another great option is the city of Bakuriani which offers ski resort and plenty other winter attractions.

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